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Feeling "off"? Covid fatigue is setting in

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I read this article and it resonated so much. I am great in an emergency situation. It gets me energized and I get into solution mode. Dare I say it - it can be fun! I recall that from the first weeks of Covid and all the changes I was in charge of and planning that had to be made. Now something has changed but I hadn't realized my "off" days were becoming more frequent and what used to be easy to do was getting challenging. This article really spoke to me. Time to do some self care, including hypnosis of course!

This really got me thinking about what people might need right now, so I started a brainstorming list of where to concentrate some session offerings. I had mixed feeling about a "Pandemic Package " as I really don't have any intention of profiting from a disaster. The reality is for many hypnotherapists that I connect with, their client's needs have shifted. Maybe by offering a package, it will offer clients what they need on a silver platter. Let me know what you think of the "Pick Three Pandemic Package" which would include 3 of the following sessions, customized to any client:

1) Mask Freedom - wearing a mask can be enjoyable, even if you struggle now

2) Emotional snacking - underlying stress or anxiety often leads many to grab a quick snack and satisfy ourselves with food. Mindless snacking is not the solution

3) Immunity Support - hypnosis has shown to be helpful with improving immune function

4) Anxiety and Fear - this affects too many of us at this time. Let's get you calm and relaxed again

5) Parent & Child session - little ones off to school and nervous? A combined session for a parent and child to help relieve anxiety about back to school and new adjustments

6) Avoid touching your face - this can be a habit we don't notice until it's too late. Stop touching your fact, eyes, mouth when you're out

7) Needle Phobia - prepping for a vaccine, for when it is available

8) Appreciation for life/Positive Outlook - so much negative news is at our finger tips these days and can really affect us. Let's get you focusing on the positive again and feeling better.

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