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Why has this issue exploded amongst so many - young and old alike?

It comes as no surprise to see shopping addiction become a major problem for many. “The frequency of compulsive buying behavior has increased worldwide over the past two decades”. Well gee, I wonder why?! Which one of these reasons might apply to you:

  • buying to fill an emotional void

  • internet shopping ease - it’s at the click of a finger

  • ads directly targeting you online

  • algorithms in your fav social media app

  • multiple apps downloaded whose main purpose is to sell to you

  • marketing strategies (you likely don’t even notice many of these)

  • anxiety release through shopping

  • the thrill of the deal (this one was my biggest reason for shopping - it’s on sale!)

  • the influencers can do it, so can I (our modern day “Keeping up with the Jones’)

  • boredom and being at home (pandemic anyone??)

There are many reasons why shopping addiction is so prevalent. It’s practically impossible to avoid all the cues we have to fill the need, to get the great deal and to look the part.

Here’s the big problem though - we are screwing ourselves over. Our future selves that is. Have you ever looked back over your month/year/decade and wonder where all the money went? If you have, consider this: you are going to keep wondering, next year, 5 years from now, a decade from now, when you're retired and worked your whole life for…not much it seems.

Money doesn’t buy true happiness

Money buys freedom

Shopping buys moments of happiness

At the cost of that freedom

Get out of the overspending habit now before it is too late. Break the cycle, stop the addiction, create new patterns. Make “future-you” look back on your life and be so thankful you changed course and have a life full of freedom.

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